Photographs By Steve Niblock 

Gregor and Stevie have been musical collaborators since both of their careers began back in the eighties. They have both played all over the world as a duo and as players in other bands.

A kind of venison birrianie with olives and vodka. Here is a set list of tunes and songs with a passport. Setting strathspeys and reels down next to anything from Ukranian punk songs to Bach extravaganzas, the question of musical genre gets tricky. It's all performed on reeds and strings if that's any help and - it's all live. Stevie and Gregor have been long time musical corroborators and have appeared after gigs, with a hunger that could be photographed, in all night bakeries throughout the world. They have been collecting songs and tunes with a wide net since they met as performers at a music festival in the Hof Ter Linden Gardens in Edegem in 1986.

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