Stevie and Gregor met in 1986 at The International Folklore Festival Of Edegem, Belgium.   Stevie was out piping with Forth Valley Pipe Band and Gregor was playing with fellow accordionist, keyboard player and drummer, Iain MacKenzie providing music for Rita Grzmil's Dance Troupe.   After the official performances, there were great jam sessions going on in the pub each night and after the trip ended, Stevie and Gregor met up with Iain MacKenzie to jam some more and so was born the band Rusty Nail.

It wasn't long before the band had a full diary and the repertoire was growing towards a worldly set.  Then Iain and Gregor busked round Europe for six months of 1987 returning that winter to gig Rusty Nail with Stevie again. The following summer Iain decided he wanted out of the rainy Scottish weather and moved to Greece and eventually Australia where he now lives. Gregor decided he liked the rainy Scottish weather and moved to Loch Lomond then Argyll where he now lives. When Iain left, Gregor and Stevie carried on as a duo enlisting drummers when the gig suited it and travelling the world both as a duo and as performers with other bands.

Since that weekend at the Hof Ter Linden, Stevie and Gregor have worked together on this long running duo project and many others.

A few excerpts from their careers. Stevie was rhythm guitar and harmony vocals with the high energy Bluegrass / Cajun band the Humpff Family. He played electric with Celtic rock band Highlander and also in the highly successful Box O Bananas with Jock the Box. Gregor worked with people like Blackeyed Biddy, Cantychiels who were described as 'soul with a kilt on' and Canadian band 'Clan Terra' with three of Alberta's finest fiddlers. Gregor is also a member of the popular band Ceilidh Minogue and both Stevie and Gregor are members of The Shoes.

After playing with all of these bigger line-ups, it is good to get back to working as a duo. The set includes excerpts from a lot of these line-ups and takes a worldly view on what is included.

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