Stevie and Gregor have recorded with a lot of great performers over the years and decided to put down a collection of pieces charting their musical history and here it is available to buy now.   The album includes tracks from their past, a few brand new tracks and one of the very first Rusty Nail cassette recordings of 1988 that might never have known I Pod technology never mind CD.   The album is also a CD Rom and includes a film of Stevie and Gregor performing with the Thomas Tallis Steel Band plus footage shot from the Chieftain of Bahrain's boat in the middle of the Arabian Gulf.

For more information on the album and to hear some clips please click on the link.

Album Information. 


  Track Listing

1. Balandran / L'air Du temps
2. The Awakening
3. Nick Nairn's Breakfast Slot 
4. Ball Of String
5. Big G's Wee Thumb
6. Sitting In The Stern Of A Boat
7. Finbar Set
8. Dale's Delight
9. Bass Through The Window Set
10. Magic Journey
11. Raising The Fare
12. Lee's Weather
13. New Moon
14. Zingarella
15. Joe Magee Set
16. The Cauldron
17. The Soft Horse Reel



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